Chaitra Sudha Pratipada (Hindu New Year) special pooja to Guru Paduka and Panchang Pathana in Nirgun Mutt (Dattatreya Temple).

Vaishak Sudha Chatrudashi—-on that day Ugra Narashimha Jayanthi will be celebrated in the time of suryasta.

Jasta Sudha Pratipada—Ganaga pooja will be celebrated in the bank of Bhima River.

Aashada Shuda Poornima (Gurupoornima) —-on this day Vyasa Pooja will be done and Guru Poornima will be celebrated and Chatrumasa will begin.

Shravan Shuda Pratipada—-from this day Rudrabhishek will start for one month every morning by the pujari’s for Bhakt Kalyan Aartha (and on Monday’s of Sharvan Rudrabhishek will be performed in the afternoon).

Bhadrapad Shukala Chaturthi (Ganesh Chaturthi)—on this day special pooja will be done to Chintamani Ganapathi and the same day the Sripadsrivallabh (1st incarnation) Jayanthi will be celebrated at 2:00pm swami’s Utsav Murthi (procession idol) will be put in the cradle and special Annadana Seva will be done on the day.

Ashwini Shudha Dashami (Vijay Dashami) —–in the evening Sri Guru Pallaki will to Kalleshwar with all villagers and devotes will perform Shami Pooja and will back with bhajana and baja.

Ashwin Vadya Chaturdashi (Naraka Chaturdashi) —–on this day as the tradition all pujari, villagers and devotes will do Astha Tirtha with the namasmarana of Sri Guru.

Karatika Shudha Poornima And Pratipada—– this both day are importantly celebrated like Guru Pallaki will go Sangama and come back with bhajana and religious program at late night Pallaki enters Ganagapur dwara and villagers do aarthi and come up to temple with Pallaki and on the second day of Chatrumasa will be ended. All devotees have lunch beside the bank of Bhima River and Amaraja in the evening special aarthi will be performed.

Marghashisha Shudha Chatrudashi And Poornima—–on this day Dattatreya Janmotsav will be celebrated and at 12:00 pm Dattatreya Utsav Murthi (Procession Idol) will be putted in cradle. Book Budget accommodation in Gangapur Gulbarga at SaiDatta Lodge with discounts online. The movement is very special and on the next day evening the same murthi will be kept in the ratha and rathotsav will be celebrated.

Posha Shudha Dweteya—-Guru Narashima Saraswathi Janmotsav will be celebrated by putting the murthi in cradle and special deepalankara and annadana will be done on the same day.

Magha Utsav —-it is a very special days of Ganagapur days the Jatra (Fair) will be celebrated on the day magha vadya pratepada Sri Narashima Saraswathi Swami Maharaj Paduka kept and went to srishaila and day yati pooja will be celebrated many sanyase (dandi swami) pooja will be done at 6:00 pm. Get Gangapur Datta Temple Timings Pooja Darshan near Gulbarga. On the day 3 the special pooja will be done and temple will be decorated on day 4 at 12 pm gopal kowla will be done and guru Pallaki will go to Rudrapad Tirtha and silver Paduka Pooja will be done there.

Mahashivratri Festival: on the day of mahashivratri celebrating yam puja at mid knight.